by Lanternfish

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released January 31, 2017

Produced by Lanternfish and Michael Harvey at Action Dale Recording Studio
Mixed by Peter Bonaventure
Mastered by Samuel Rees

Album Artwork: original photography by Antje Schnaekel, editing and cover artwork by Gibran Esa

Special thanks to our families and friends, without whom this album would not have been possible.



all rights reserved


Lanternfish Washington, D.C.

Blossoms at night
And the faces of people
moved by music -
Kobayashi Issa (1763- 1827)

Hibiscus and the
Smell of summer wind make me
Forget that I'm dead
-Toby Andersen (1977-?)

Gibran Esa
The Swordfish

Robert MacPherson
The Wolverine

Toby Andersen
The Snake
Bass, Vocals
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Track Name: Lanternfish
She's the fish who's far below, and the pressure would get to me before I could get to her light it shines in the depths.
And I wish I could say something. Why can't I say something?

Echoes of teeth, unseen in the deep
She will not wait as I descend
Echoes of teeth, unseen in the deep
Cutting through your fake and your pretend
There is no beginning or end

The helmet I wear looks the same for the air and the stars as it does for the ocean.

The water closes slowly on me like a fist. I bend and break. This fragile case was not made for this. Tell her I love her if you should ever make it down below.
To the bottom where her light shines
and is forgotten.
Track Name: Live by the Sword
The death of you it still floats deep within my mind
A treasure sank beneath the waves
Light and hope have gone and left me far behind
Nowhere to run so I grab my blade and turn to face the hated
monsters on my trail
They're going to taste my pain
I'll be damned but I will fight them tooth and nail
Just let me make it plain
They'll never take me alive I promise they will pay
They stole the light from your eyes
I will not walk away
The night sky has got me thinking of you again
How many miles since I lost my way
I'm very tired among the chaos and ruin
I will not see another day
Track Name: Fallen Soldier
Waking from a dream walking here with you
Trying not to breathe trying not to move
It doesn't always feel the same when I think of something new
And the seed of life is change can you understand the truth
He wasn't really on my side
Thought he could get away with this
I took a knife for all my pride now I'm bleeding through my fists
I'm your fallen soldier buried in an unmarked grave
I've kept the secret safe now we can watch it fade away
Take a tip from me
Be the one to choose
Hold it in your hand don't be afraid to lose
Track Name: Haiku
I have walked into
far more dangerous places
without my eyes closed

I have been the night
now I'm longing to get home
with nothing I own
Track Name: Star-Crossed
Stand me up in this world there's some dust in a swirl and the empty eyes
of the demon inside of me
My boots have worn through the ground the ground has worn through the sound
Walking around and around all day and night just to find you
When I see your face well I feel I can do anything
And I don't mind if we die but it's so damned cold
This icicle is reaping me and harvest time is coming soon
There was a spark of life there now it's taken away
We lived a thousand lifetimes now there's nothing more we could say
I thought our lovely dream would come together but together it has come apart
Until there's not much left of my heart
Do you think that we could be together or will it just disappear
like smoke
Track Name: Forgetfulness
I want to tell you things that you forget
I want to show you things that you regret
I know I never needed you at all just need someone to watch me as I fall
Into the open arms of nightfall bleeding
Into the open graves of so many seething
Were you the one who taught me to shoot the gun below these words
Or was it somebody else that I heard
There's too many questions and not enough reasons to let you back inside
I know it's cold but you were told to go and not return
We used to walk forever until we dropped
We used to talk about everything until we stopped
I know you never needed me at all
Just needed someone to watch you as you fall

Though it hurts me so